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Hosted by: Marja-Leena Toseland, Editor – PA Life Magazine
Joined by:
Emily Iveson-Pritchard, Head of Sustainability, The Kia Oval
Joanna Garland, Director – Eventurous
Rebecca Lardeur, Climate Strategy Advisor, isla

“How to help events achieve net zero”

Sustainability in events is an important requirement today. However, the field isn’t quite level yet with a number of event suppliers and venues still only taking baby steps. How can we help all suppliers achieve net zero status in the near future, and to do so within their cost targets?

  • Can all suppliers achieve net zero status within the next couple of years? Within the set timescales?
  • What are the key areas to focus on?
  • How can we, as an event industry, help everyone to achieve this?
  • What will net zero events look like?

Lena Thompson, Future of Work Consultant & Speaker – Lena Thompson

“New Age Of Reality – How To Use Your Imagination To Achieve Your Goals”

Imagination is the force with which we create our lives; whether or not we realise it, we have always been creating our lives with our imagination.

When we understand what imagination is and start to use it in the way it was intended to be used, we can create the life experiences we desire and achieve our goals with more ease and less struggle.

In this session, I will share four steps to show how to make significant changes in all areas of our lives with less effort and more ease by applying imagination to our goals and walk through a practical goal-setting process to help audiences transform their dreams into reality. 

  • Four pillars of Goal Setting Process
  • Human Design Energy Types – road map to self understanding and insight on how each Energy Type is best suited to reaching goals and staying on track
  • Imagination process (each participant will need pen & paper for this please)
  • Decisions – how to consistently make good decisions to stay on track with goals
  • Actions – Practical tips on how to take actions to reach goals easier and faster

Meera Mawkin, Founder – OutOut

“Inclusive Events, Accessible Venues: Paving the Way for Equal Participation”

Calling all event planners! Learn the ropes of crafting inclusive conferences. From choosing accessible venues to attracting and supporting female speakers, this presentation provides simple and effective tips to make your events welcoming for everyone. Let’s make sure no one misses out – join us and boost the inclusivity of your next event!

  • Explore strategies for sourcing an accessible venue for your event
  • Understand why having a diverse speaker portfolio matters and how to make it happen.
  • Attracting and supporting minority and marginalised speakers.