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London Venues Summit | Forum Events London Venues Summit | Forum Events London Venues Summit | Forum Events London Venues Summit | Forum Events London Venues Summit | Forum Events


Tracy Halliwell, Director of Tourism & London Convention Bureau at London & Partners

“London – Building back a better destination”

Tourism & Event business has changed exponentially during the pandemic…what trends is London seeing and how is the city building a better future?

  • Pandemic and affects on Travel globally/London
  • How has London responded during the crises
  • Global Travel Trends
  • Building back – future thinking

Liz Taylor, CEO at Taylor Lynn Corporation

“The Skill Factor”

Professional event management requires more than just a love of parties. With 35 years of experience to draw upon, Liz Taylor explores the five key skills needed to become a successful event organiser.

  • Mirror, Mirror on the wall – who is the best planner of them all!
  • Never be a shrinking violet!
  • The devil is in the detail!
  • Abandon spell check – learn to spell!
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

John Hotowka, The Achievement Thinking Speaker

“Essential resilience building strategies to keep you going in tough times”

In challenging times the key to working efficiently and effectively is resilience.

  • Learn a key tool to help you put the pressures of work in to perspective and raise your morale and focus
  • Learn a simple tool to overcome hesitancy and help with decision making
  • Learn where to find and how to take advantage of a little used resource that’s under your nose that’ll help you work more efficiently and
    effectively as well as give you all the moral support you need when you need it